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Melissa Fahn Fans
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Welcome to Melissa Fahns: The First Melissa Fahn Fan Club/Community!

This is a community for fans of the voice over actress/broadway actress/singer MELISSA FAHN! Perhaps you know her as Gaz on Invader Zim, or Edward on Cowboy Bebop, or perhaps from her exuberant performance of the El Hazard: Wanderers closing theme "Clever" (English dub ;]). Maybe you're a fan of Wicked and you LOVE her work in the ensemble or her performance as Glinda during the Broadway in Bryant park series. No matter how you know her, you've gotta love this lady. I know we do. If you've been looking for a fan community for Melissa, then ou've found it. If you join in (we know there's some lurkers out there!) you get to find out what our supersecret holiday project for Melissa! It's gonna be a blast so you'll wanna join in and find out. Your friendly moderators are Jackie (elekanahmen), Anthony (anthony), Amby Leigh (ambyleigh) and Kimmie (rainbowsleeves). So join in and let the Melissa love spread!

Mille Baci: The Melissa Fahn Fansite.
Our sister site, the unofficial site that Melissa contributes to sometimes.

Melissa Fahn's mySpace Music page.